About Us

Classic Style – Modern Values

Vecchio Anseatico strives to further enhance the excitement and enjoyment of wearing a suit by providing men with sustainable hand made classic menswear accessories for an infallible style.

Vecchio Anseatico was founded out of passion. A passion for classic menswear, which resists all fashion trends and rather focuses on excellent quality as well as subtle details.

We set our goal to share this passion with like-minded customers like you. People who shop responsibly and care about sustainable materials and manufacturing. People who are enthused by traditional artisanry and like products with charm and character. In short, people who won’t be satisfied with anything other than the very best.

Our credo “Classic Style – Modern Values” represents what we believe in.

Vecchio Anseatico is not regarded as a fashion brand but an institution for timeless style. Striking the fine line between established proportions and contemporary design cues we create classic menswear accessories that you will want to wear for many years to come.

In line with the above we strongly emphasize our all around sustainability. It is ensured that all our products are made in Europe. We work together with a variety of small workshops where every item is carefully made by skillful artisans under the practice of traditional crafts. Furthermore, it is of utmost importance to us that these artisans receive adequate emoluments. Finally, we attach great importance to using natural fibers and raw materials exclusively.

Our collections are distinctively influenced by grand travels along the Côte d’Azur, through Tuscany towards the Amalfi coast. Major inspiration is also drawn from classic cars and motor sports, architecture as well as interior design.

We believe that good design must stand the test of time and can only be achieved with materials of highest grade. We design everything in-house which guarantees all our items to be original and unique in their ways. We do not shy away from working with unusual materials like our signature bamboo tie.

Our language is sleek and elegant while at the same time being characterful by thinking outside the box. We prefer products that become more interesting the longer you investigate them as opposed to accessories that compete for attention.