Your classic style one-stop-shop.

Analogue Approach provides elegant accessories, clothing and various lifestyle items to like-minded customers in pursuit of timelessness all over the world.

And boy, do we take our mission statement serious. Since its founding in 2017 Analogue Approach has shipped its ties, pocket squares and bow ties all over the world, ranging from its home turf Germany to far-away places like Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Israel and the UAE.

The Analogue Alliance.

While its customers may speak different languages they are united through their passion. A passion for classic style, which resists all fashion trends and rather focuses on excellent quality as well as subtle details. They shop responsibly and care about sustainable materials and manufacturing. Traditional artisanry and products with charm and character spark their imagination. In short, they are only satisfied with nothing but the very best.

Analogue Approach lives up to these high expectations day by day, offering original designs as well as renowned brands like 100 Hands, Alden, Carmina, Cesare Attolini, Drake’s, Massura Sartoria, Orazio Luciano, Saint Crispin’s and many more.

Classic Style Reimagined.

Throughout the past four years Analogue Approach has manifested itself as an institution for timeless style. Striking a fine line between established proportions and contemporary design cues Analogue Approach only represents brands and products that you will want to put on for many years to come.

Analogue Approach’s design language is sleek and elegant while at the same time being characterful by thinking outside the box. Products should become more interesting the longer you investigate them rather than compete for attention. On top of that, good design must stand the test of time and can only be achieved with materials of highest grade.

Here to stay.

By launching its innovative Respoke program in 2021, Analogue Approach has yet again undertaken measurements towards a more sustainable future. Offering pre-owned garments and accessories is a further statement emphasising the timeless appeal of elegant clothing and prolonging its lifecycle. Analoge Approach is especially proud to make clothing of the highest grade accessible for a new generation of classic style connaisseurs from all backgrounds and all over the world.

A matter of dedication.

Founder of Analogue Approach, Steffen Ingwersen, realised from the beginning that choosing classic clothing over fast fashion is not just a matter of removing the boundaries of availability and pricing but also providing education on the subject. That’s why Analogue Approach’s approach to approaching its clientele is in stark contrast to shouty and flashy competitors. Analogue Approach focuses on in-depth mentoring through enlightening and entertaining YouTube videos as well as individual style consultation on the Analogue Approach discord.