How should a wardrobe comprised of just seven ties look like? This collection curated by sartorial blogger and classic style connoisseur Will Strängh (@thedonsclub) answers precisely that question and proposes one tie for each day of the week. We are proud to finally release this collaboration that lots of thought has gone into and that’s been under development for almost an entire year.

Sunday – “One day of the week is reserved for relaxation and retrieving energy for the challenges of the upcoming week. While others would opt for jogpants and a sweatshirt I have developed my personal version of loungewear. This often includes one of Steffen’s wide silk knit ties that are characterised by their drapability and comfort. I am very pleased to have secured an exclusive colour for my 7th tie of the collection – a neutral and versatile shade of grey. This tie creates an effortless look with a cozy cashmere cardigan or any other kind of chunky knitwear. Alternatively, it can also be worn with all sorts of sport coats and even the most formal suits if I fancy to wear it on a weekday.” -Will

This is my interpretation of the perfect knit tie. What really sets it apart from others is its width. Whereas regular knit ties have a width of 6-7 cm this one measures a generous 8,5 cm. This leads to an improved drape of the tie as well as a more pronounced dimple within the knot. In our opinion this is the perfect knit tie for spring and summer in a semi-formal business environment.