Size / Style Guide


We offer each tie in our crowdfunding campaigns in about 90 different variations. You can customize each tie to your personal preferences by using the following four parameters:

The width:
The classic tie is 8 cm (3.15″) or 9 cm (3.5″) wide. We recommend 8 cm width for everyone wearing a size 46, 90, 23 (36 S/R/L) or smaller. If you’re wearing a 50, 98, 25 (40 S/R/L) or bigger you should choose 9 cm width. If you’re a 48, 94 or 24 (38 S/R/L) you are spoilt for choice. We do not recommend 7 cm width as it limits the ties ability to create a nicely dimpled knot but after all it’s down to your personal preference. Our standard is 9 cm (3.5″).

The length:
On average a tie measures between 145 cm (57″) and 150 cm (59″). However, many men need a longer or shorter tie. The length of the tie is not only defined by its wearers’ height but also by circumference of his neck. To determine your required length measure one of your existing ties from tip to tip. Tie the tie until its wide tip is the proper length and ends right at your trouser waistband. Now measure the distance from the ties skinny tip to your trouser waistband and either add or subtract it from the total length of your tie. Our standard is 150 cm (59″).

The interlining:
The interlining is sewn in between the outer shell of the tie. No matter what material our ties are made of, the lining is always from pure wool. This helps to keep the knot firm all day long but still makes the tie retain it’s original shape after it has been loosened. Also it’s a natural and very breathable material, so even in summer it will keep you cool . There are three different interlinings to choose from, that differ in weight and thickness. A thicker interlining will result in a bigger tie knot. We always recommend a light interlining for all ties unless stated differently on the product page. Our standard is a light interlining.

The loop/keeper:
The keeper is attached to the back side of the tie close to its wide tip. It is being used to keep hold of the skinny tip of the tie. Traditionally, ties were sold and worn without the keeper but over time more and more tie manufacturers added them. We recommend to choose what you are used to wear. Our standard is no loop/keeper.

Pocket Squares

We offer all our pocket squares in our crowdfunding campaigns in two dimensions. You can choose between 33×33 cm (13″) and 40×40 cm (15.75″). Which size to choose mostly depends on personal preference. Many people prefer 40×40 cm squares for standard welt breast pockets and 33×33 cm for smaller patch breast pockets. Our standard is 40×40 cm (15.75″).